Mae Jones

Soiled Dove Drifter


Mae Jones, a small young woman with tanned skin, dark hair, and brown eyes, was born in 1857 in a small brothel in Dodge City – Lassie’s Villa. Mae grew up in the brothel owned by her grandmother, and helped with general housekeeping until she was 15. Lassie’s was relatively clean and high-class, with everyone given free choice in their clients. She had a good upbringing, with every girl in the house helping out.

The only thing she couldn’t get away with was lying about whether she’d done her chores, gone to bed early…well, anything, really. It isn’t in her to lie, and her face often betrays her feelings. She prefers to be down to earth, blunt, and honest, anyway.

Shortly after she turned 15, her grandmother died of consumption, and the brothel was bought by a travelling businessman. He immediately pressed every woman into service, including Mae, and generally failed to uphold the hygiene and free will that had made this place so great to work at. Mae stayed working under these conditions until she was 20, when she got into an argument with the owner over a particularly nasty client. She left the town, persuading several of the girls to leave as well, and since then has heard rumours of him attempting to pursue her across the country, claiming she destroyed his business. Throughout the course of her life, she developed a “no-nonsense” attitude to life, believing only what she saw with her own eyes. The world is full of crazy men trying to tell crazy stories.

For the last two years, Mae has been wandering from town to town, mostly by rail or horse, seeking out local brothels and making sure the women have acceptable working conditions. When she finds that they don’t, which is quite common, she intimidates the owner into changing, or, when that doesn’t work, she kills him and places one of the more experienced women in charge. She travels with a gun, basic provisions, and not much else. She earns money on the road, and when she gets desperate she finds work as a bodyguard or hired killer. That doesn’t happen too often…it’s rare to find a place that’s not in need of a whore.

While she doesn’t dwell on it while waking, she constantly dreams that the owner of Lassie’s will hunt her down and take her back to his hellhouse. In her dream, he’s collected every badly treated whore she’s come across, and kept them in conditions many times worse than they had it. When she wakes up from these dreams she tries not to think about it too much, but it strengthens her resolve to reform brothel culture even more, and she often goes on what could almost be called a rampage afterwards, visiting the worst brothels in the area and outright killing the owner, without giving him the chance to change his ways.

Mae Jones

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