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“Deadlands is also notable for how it plays out the alternate history, starting with the Battle of Gettysburg in July 3rd, 1863 (typically accepted by those in the know as when the West got Weird) and how the lack of a decisive victory thanks to the meddling of the setting’s major villains caused the Civil War to drag on for more than a decade, eventually ending with a “cease fire” and uneasy truce between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America. Other big changes include the Great Quake that turned California into a region known as the Great Maze and introduced the diabolical fundament called ghost rock into the world, which itself kicked off a spur of scientific research that was leaps and bounds ahead of conventional technology, as well as the Great Rail Wars, a bloody conflict between several major rail barons to be the first to lay track from Back East to the Great Maze”

Hey guys! This will be our base of operations for our Deadlands campaign! This will be a wiki that will keep people informed on what you know. So, basic history of the world as you know it, adventure logs and stuff that you uncover through your adventure will all be put here as well as NPCs that you run into, jobs to complete and your current place in the Weird West.

Feel free to add what you want as we go along!

Setting Information
Tombstone Epitaph – A Short Overview of Our Great Nations Recent Turmoils

Tombstone Epitaph
Tombstone Epitaph – April 16th, 1879 – Shootout Leaves Five Dead

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